KTM CTY, KTM CTY Sherpa Outdoors Pvt. Ltd 22 May,2022


Proud to be associated with Heli Everest.  

When it comes to heli services in Nepal, Heli Everest is the brand that lives up to its name. Nepalese entrepreneurs with decades of experience in mountain tourism and aviation have come together to deliver world-class air service to guests through Heli Everest. They team up to provide the best and highest quality choppers to the aviation business while maintaining strict safety standards. On December 9th, 2016, Heli Everest took its first step as a private heli service company under the Air Operators’ Certificate, issued by the government of Nepal. Since then, it hasn’t looked back. It has been contributing to the betterment of society and the environment since day one. And what else would be better than this to be a part of the nation’s pride, Heli Everest? On November 20, 2021, KTM CTY and Heli Everest formed a partnership as a co-partner/brand partner, forming an excellent alliance for mutual gain and the overall benefit of the nation.

We are proud to be associated with Heli Everest, the Himalayan pride of the nation. May the association between KTM CTY and Heli Everest continue to exist, serving as a source of national pride. As a brand partner, we are delighted to offer a variety of clothes, shoes, and other items manufactured and designed at our factories, particularly for the Heli Everest team. Being an apparel brand with 30 years of manufacturing experience, we believe we stand to meet the expectations of our valued partner, Heli Everest. With all modern merchandise and international standards of workmanship and quality, KTM CTY is striving each day to craft qualitative fabrics for its valued partners and customers.  

Conveying in detail about Heli Everest, it operates as a safe and swift mode of air transport throughout the nation and offers customized services for each visitor based on their needs. The things that set this aviation service apart from others are experienced high-altitude pilots and the most dependable engineering and safety crew. It is also distinguished for carrying out excellent and prompt rescue missions in the event of an emergency. As we all know, Nepal is the land of hills and mountains, and to experience it through our naked eyes on air is a whole new experience. Heli Everest is also the one behind introducing Nepal to the rest of the world to show the country’s scenic grandeur from the air. And today, it has become one of the integral components of the tourism industry’s expansion in Nepal. Kudos to all the Heli businesses, notably Heli Everest in Nepal, for allowing us to explore Nepal from a different perspective. It has thrived on domestic and international tourism in Nepal.  

Being a trusted partner, we always wish for the betterment of Heli Everest to be the best in the aviation industry in Nepal. Besides that, as a partner, we make sure each member of Heli Everest has a good time wearing clothes and accessories from our brand, KTM CTY. In addition, we would like to take this moment to wish Heli Everest continued success in its efforts to innovate and challenge the status quo to enhance the aviation industry in Nepal. 

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