KTM CTY X Miss Universe Nepal


KTM CTY, KTM CTY Sherpa Outdoors Pvt. Ltd 18 August,2022

KTM CTY has always been at the fore when it comes to empowering and supporting women, whether it’s inside the company or outside. We have been associated with many organizations and events that share the same ethos or advocate for it. One such organization is Miss Universe Nepal (MUN), founded in 2017 to empower women in the nation.

Since its first year, Miss Universe Nepal has been a significant event in the country. The reigning queen and her predecessors are regarded as representatives of the nation and granted the privilege of participating in Miss Universe to represent Nepal with pride. The pageant has also served as a platform for the country’s young women to showcase their talents and learn about global cultural traditions. Since its inception, Miss Universe Nepal has been bringing the country and the world closer to Nepal and its people. While showcasing the brilliance and beauty of Nepalese women, the pageant has also been a means for the nation to connect with the world. Besides, it has been a platform for the airing of stories and experiences of Nepalese women, which act as a source of empowerment and inspiration to be bold, brave, and beautiful. On this platform, the participants are provided with world-class coaching, grooming, and life skills, which are obvious in helping every participant in their life.

Our cooperation with Miss Universe Nepal, a prominent beauty pageant in Nepal, began in 2020, and since then, it has grown to new heights consistently for the betterment of Nepalese society. KTM CTY is an official Miss Fabulous Partner of a spectacular beauty pageant, Miss Universe Nepal, where everyone is embraced. This association between KTM CTY and Miss Universe Nepal strives to assist and empower women to advance in life to achieve their aspirations. Besides, our alliance has been advocating for women’s rights, educating the public on the positive impacts of women in society, and raising awareness about the extreme dangers of gender-based violence. Further, we are honored to take part in the many social activities held by Miss Universe Nepal to promote women’s rights, including the right to health care, work, and education. We believe that our collaboration with Miss Universe Nepal has benefited and inspired the Nepalese society. To further strengthen our partnership, we have engaged in many social activities and programs cooperatively with Miss Universe Nepal.

As Season 3 of Miss Universe Nepal is currently underway, we, the KTM CTY family, would like to send our warmest wishes to every participant taking part in this season. We also want to express our gratitude to the Miss Universe Nepal team for organizing this season and extend our best wishes to make this season even better and more successful than the last. Further, we reassure the team that KTM CTY will strive to provide support to Miss Universe Nepal in times of need, as always. May our relationship remain strong like this forever.

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