KTM CTY, ANFA KTM CTY 01 April,2022


Football, the king of all sports, is the most popular ball game on the planet. Because of the simple rules and little equipment required, it can be played almost anywhere. Speaking in the context of Nepal, it has always been a football-loving nation. No matter what and whatever the result, Nepali fanatics have always been there to support their team with pride. Thousands of spectators in the stadium and across the world tuned in to support the squad for a victory. Football not only unites the team together but also the nation.

Football was first practiced in Nepal in 1921, during the Rana regime. This sport quickly evolved as the most played in the nation since it was well-liked and embraced by the general Nepalese community. After the introduction of ANFA, Nepal’s football regulating body, in 1951, football’s growth accelerated to the next level in Nepal. And ANFA’s affiliation with FIFA, back in 1972, assisted further in uplifting the situation of professional football in Nepal. The one association established merely for the love of football is constantly working on turning a dream into reality for football lovers and has become a source of pride for the nation.

It’s an honor for us that ANFA has chosen KTM CTY as their associate to work together to uplift the football culture of Nepal. We simply can’t express how much it meant to us to be a member of this prominent Nepalese association in words. From the day itself, after being selected as the official sponsor of the national football team on February 8th, 2021, we’re continuously striving to offer the best out of the best of what we create. We ensure our players have a great time wearing jerseys and accessories from our brand,  KTM CTY.

As a brand, we believe that hard work is an integral part of achieving our goals. The same principles apply to sports, but there are additional elements to consider as well. Of the many, jerseys and accessories is one of several factors that have an influence on a player’s performance. And KTM CTY ensures that players of all ages, from under 18 to the national level, both men and women, receive the best out of us so they can perform their best when they are on the field.

We can’t express how much we love football, the most popular sport in the nation and world. Since ANFA is concentrating all its efforts on advancing the football of the nation, KTM CTY of Sherpa Outdoor, a renowned Nepali clothing brand, will continuously support ANFA for the betterment of the nation’s football. 

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