KTM CTY, KTM CTY Sherpa Outdoors Pvt. Ltd 29 April,2022

Nepal has always been a football-crazed nation since it was first played in the country in 1921. People by that time used to play football for pleasure, but it quickly evolved into a profession following the establishment of the regulating organization, ANFA. Soon, the passion of hundreds of thousands of youths has grown into a career; credit to the football league tournaments, which provided a platform for hundreds of professionals to show their skills on the field. These leagues have been one of the fundamental aspects in fostering the growth of sports in Nepal, notably football.

When it comes to football league competitions in Nepal, there is one name that we can’t miss. It’s Manang Marshyangdi Club (MMC for short); popularly referred to as "Manange," this football club stands out above its rival clubs. MMC was founded in 1982 with the aim of implementing the principle "Health is Wealth" via discipline, games, and social activities to generate healthy, disciplined, and capable youngsters who contribute to society and the nation. It’s one of the most decorated and prestigious Nepali professional football clubs in the history of Nepal’s football. For years, MMC has been competing in the country’s top league. With 8 National Championship titles on their list, MMC holds the record for most wins in the history of Nepalese football.

Officially, Manang Marshyangdi Club is based in Swayambhu, Kathmandu. It has participated in various national and international leagues, winning numerous titles. It’s an honor for KTM CTY to be part of the nation’s most prominent club, which has actively engaged in the field, showcasing their hard work by winning titles. In addition, they are supporting the country by undertaking social activities for a cause off the field. KTM CTY has been an official sponsor of the MMC since November 2, 2021, for two years, with the option to extend for two more years if both parties agree. From day one, we committed to providing the MMC with the best and most comfortable jerseys and accessories so our players could perform at their best on the field. Whether it be during training sessions or the most crucial matches, we are always supporting the team MMC to perform at their best so that we can add more titles to the list.

We can’t convey how much we have an affection for football, the country’s and world’s most popular sport in words. There's no second thought that MMC is one of the significant reasons behind people widely following this game on the national level. They have a huge and typically devoted fan base across Nepal, with regular fans attending nearly all of their matches. Since MMC is focusing all of its efforts on improving Nepali football and supporting the country via social activities, KTM CTY of Sherpa Outdoor, a well-known Nepali apparel company, will continue to support MMC in its future endeavors.

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